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  • Production-Post Production Safety Representative

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    A brief description summarizing the overall purpose and objectives of the position and the results the worker is expected to accomplish.


    Accountable for asset safe work practices and safety compliance. Maintain knowledge of applicable safety requirements and help build a culture of safety within supported asset. Collaborate with field office staff to drive accountability for meeting safety requirements. 


    The tasks, duties, and responsibilities of the position that are most important to get the job done.

    1. Lead field-level safety compliance efforts for Production/Post-Production personnel and contractors​ as directed;
    2. Maintain a close and effective working relationship with supported Operations personnel;
    3. Offer input to Production/Post-Production team leadership on contractor selection and support ISNetworld contractor safety program;
    4. Execute contractor PPE & gas monitoring activities;
    5. Execute periodic auditing and provide feedback to Production/Post-Production Contractor/Service providers on their programs;
    6. Facilitate effective working relationships with contractors (communicating PDC expectations programs, documentation, etc.);
    7. Lead and organize Workplace Hazard Assessment process;
    8. ​Coordinate with Central Safety role to keep current on and inform field staff on priority safety focus areas, and for subject matter expertise related to maintaining consistency with PDC standards;
    9. Ensure updates regarding safety equipment and standards are communicated via appropriate channels to Production/Post-Production team members​;
    10. Identify Production/Post-Production safety training needs for asset​ and communicate to Manager;
    11. Deliver training to Production/Post-Production team on most safety topics (OSHA topics, specialized safety equipment, driving, emergency response, etc.)​ as directed;
    12. Provide safety coaching and mentorship to all PDC employees and contractors;
    13. Provide Safety input into pad planning to Manager​, as appropriate;
    14. Attend asset team/area meeting​ as directed;
    15. Respond to safety agency information requests related to safety programs as directed by Manager;
    16. Monitor stakeholder feedback in response safety program​s and communicate to Manager;
    17. Provide Production/Post-Production-related safety content for monthly EHS meetings to Manager;
    18. Organize, and lead new hire EHS training/onboarding efforts for new Production/Post-Production team members;
    19. Work with Production/Post-Production team to conduct wellsite and facility inspections and review records to assess compliance;
    20. Serve as field point of contact and represent asset during regulatory agency inspections and audits as directed by Manager;
    21. Ensure compliance with contractor specific HAZCOM programs and all associated requirements;
    22. Consult with Production/Post-Production operations on safety SOPs and other matters​;
    23. Conduct Production/Post-Production field site visits, document findings, ensure follow-up​;
    24. Assess/Evaluate current Production/Post-Production work practices and offer improvement recommendations;
    25. Manage Production/Post-Production employee injury cases (Dr. Visits, follow-up appointments, etc.);
    26. Provide Production/Post-Production-related safety content and feedback for EHS Production/Post-Production incident review committee meetings as directed;
    27. Production/Post-Production Incident management:​
      1. Lead initial incident response, reporting and site investigation​,
      2. Function as primary point of contact for regulatory interaction​, as directed,
      3. Coordinated response efforts with operations and contractors​,
      4. Complete incident documentation for accidents​,
      5. Complete root cause analysis and investigations/corrective actions​​;
    28. Support and ensure all team members support population of data in and use of PDC's environmental data management systems (e.g. ACTS);
    29. Perform and assume other duties and responsibilities as may be required at the direction of supervisor. 


    The specific minimum competencies required for job performance.

    1. Ability to determine acceptable levels of safety risk for projects;
    2. Experience and demonstrated excellence providing safety coaching to employees & contractors;
    3. Understanding of appropriate PPE for Asset operations;
    4. Experience and demonstrated excellence determining safety cultural deficiencies and needed improvements.
    5. Knowledge of regulatory requirements in Texas;
    6. Experience working to support EHS initiatives;
    7. Demonstrated track record of engaging with stakeholders to understand interests and priorities;
    8. Flexible to work in an evolving regulatory environment;
    9. Project management skills;
    10. Excellent communication skills;
    11. Strong analytical, problem solving, and critical thinking skills;
    12. Motivated self-starter;
    13. Ability to manage multiple tasks and deadlines;
    14. Ability to work well in a team setting;
    15. Excellent interpersonal skills;
    16. Strong sense of integrity;
    17. Familiarity with oilfield equipment, processes, and terminology.


    The scope of the person’s authority, including a list of jobs that report to the incumbent.


    This position has no supervisory responsibilities.




    The environment in which the job is performed, especially any unique conditions outside a normal office environment.


    Consistent with that of a normal office environment.



    The minimum level of education, experience, and certifications required to perform the job.

    1. 3+ years of relevant experience;
    2. Ability to travel between Colorado and Texas;
    3. Proven experience working with air quality regulations related to upstream Oil & Gas operations;
    4. Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Environmental, or related science discipline or equivalent experience.


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