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  • Area Planner/Well Planner

    Planning & Development
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  • Job Description


    A brief description summarizing the overall purpose and objectives of the position and the results the worker is expected to accomplish.  


    The Area Planner/Well Planner is responsible for initiating the SSRD Process by planning and generating directionals to create permitting inventory. They are accountable for integrating with all stakeholder groups for the purpose of planning development and ensuring the site-selection-to-release-to-drill (SSRD) process is effectively communicated to all operationally sensitive parties.  



    The tasks, duties, and responsibilities of the position that are most important to get the job done.

    1. Generate permitting directionals to be submitted to the COGCC to apply for a drilling permits with well panning software;
    2. Work directly with the drilling department and the drilling rig to incorporate any changes that occur between permitting and drilling;
    3. Serve as the main point of contact for the directional planners on the rig to approve final drilling plans;
    4. Request and compile necessary information from Asset Planner, Surveyors, Field Land and Planning Tech to generate well plans;
    5. Input & maintain all well information in ARC GIS & Generwell;
    6. Request well numbers and upload new developments into Generwell.
    7. Assist Asset Planner in creating development plans;
      • Create well inventory for use with drill schedule;
      • Create representative well “sticks” for purposes of initiating SSRD;
      • Select preferred estimated surface location;
      • Coordinate with geologic professionals to assist with orientation preference;
    8. Communicate plan adjustments to Asset Planner;
    9. Coordinate with Asset Technician for AFE processing and approval;
    10. Identify and execute potential enhancements to the SSRD process;
    11. Understand current status on all permits in area and facilitate solutions to potential challenges;
    12. Coordination of land of survey and plat approval;
    13. Managing location assessments and approval of pad design layout.


    The specific minimum competencies required for job performance.

    1. Well planning software experience. COMPASS preferred;
    2. GIS software experience. ARC GIS preferred;
    3. Planning software experience. Generwell preferred;
    4. Functional knowledge/experience in:
      • Engineering
      • Land
      • Geology
      • EHS
      • Regulatory/Permitting
      • Oil & Gas Operations
      • Budgeting
      • Economics
    5. Excellent verbal and written communication skills;
    6. Strong ability to prioritize multiple tasks. 


    The scope of the person’s authority, including a list of jobs that report to the incumbent.


    This position has no supervisory responsibilities.



    The environment in which the job is performed, especially any unique conditions outside a normal office environment.

    1. Consistent with that of a normal office environment;
    2. Minimal travel to Wattenberg field locations and Evans, CO office.


    The minimum level of education, experience, and certifications required to perform the job.

    1. Bachelor’s degree preferred, other degrees considered;
    2. 3 years Oil & Gas experience.


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